Time to play the exercise card

Yeah, I’m stalled.  Joe is at a loss of 60 pounds.  He got over his latest plateau and he’s nearly under the 300 mark!  I’m so proud of him!  Jealous as hell, but proud.  He looks so good.  At this point, I’m just afraid he’ll get all slim and wonder why he’s stuck with a fat wife because this weight just ain’t shifting.

I’m trying hard.  I honestly am.  I’ve had few slips or cheats.  I’m not going to say I’ve had none because that would be a lie.  But the scale is stuck at 15 pounds.

So… tomorrow, I start on the bike.  I will start with 15 minutes in the morning.  It’s a good week to start… The Kid is at camp for the week so he won’t be trying to chat me up while I’m trying to concentrate on not dying.

Oh, The Kid had his annual checkup last week.  Last year, he was above the 99th percentile for his weight and his BMI was dismal.  Now understand, we believe the BMI is a really silly way to measure health.  It’s yet another number that the medical and workout industries can use to make you feel bad about whatever size you may be if you’re not perfect for your age, height, and weight.  But anyway, this year, he’s down to the 96th percentile for his weight and at the 98th percentile for his height.  And his BMI is right at 22 and change.  I’m very proud of him.  He hasn’t lost but 15 pounds, and that’s really OK because we just don’t want him to gain any more and let his height catch up.

The Kid and I are miserable on Atkins.  We really are.  I’ve been in tears more than a few times because I just want to eat fruit!  At this point, my body has really stopped craving bread and pasta.  To drive that point home, after we dropped The Kid off for his camp bus yesterday, we ran by the store to pick up a few essentials for the week… ham for me, roast beast for Joe.  Provolone for me, muenster for Joe.  Celery and cucumber and lettuce for me.  We decided to just have something we WANT for dinner… no restrictions.

I could have pasta, cookies, bread, cereal, sweet rolls… but what did I choose?  Cherries and peanuts.  Yup… a big bowl of cherries and a tin of peanuts that I happily snacked on all evening.  I was in heaven.  I’m tellin’ ya, those cherries have never tasted so good and the peanuts have never been so savory and crunchy.

Today, it was ham and provolone rolls for breakfast and lunch (just easy to grab while I’m working) with some iced tea.  And I spoiled myself with some Trop-A-Rocka Snapple Iced Tea… wow, that stuff is yum!  Thank you, Bret Michaels (a fellow diabetic) for working on that project to make this tasty sugar-free iced tea!  I tried the peach in May when my mom had surgery and this one is just as tasty.

Dinner was more ham and provolone.  I have never had the same thing for all 3 meals before, but it was just so darned tasty.  And without The Kid here, we decided to just munch for dinner rather than have a formal dinner table dinner.  I added some celery with Laughing Cow cheese (2 long stalks), a handful of black olives, and half a cucumber sliced up.  What a fresh, tasty dinner!

Tomorrow, Joe is going to experiment with fresh rhubarb and Carb Quick (a very low carb Bisquick clone) as well as baking Equal, to attempt a Rhubarb Crumble.  Oh yum!

Okay… just staying the course here.  No change in numbers from the last post but I’ll keep you posted.



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